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States, territories, and urban areas intending to use NTED funds to support attendance at qualified state-sponsored training courses must meet the following guidelines:
  1. Fall within the NTED mission scope to prepare state and local personnel to prevent, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism and catastrophic events.* *Costs associated with training for catastrophic events with a nexus to terrorism can only be supported with HSGP funding, as defined within the HSGP Program Guidance and Application Kits (refer to Allowable Costs section). Questions and/or requests for further clarification regarding allowable training courses related to catastrophic events with a nexus to terrorism should be directed to your Program Representative.
  2. Build additional capabilities that a) support a specific training need identified by the State, territory, and urban area, and b) comport with the State, territory, or Urban Area Homeland Security Strategy and identified in the THIRA.
  3. Address specific tasks and/or competencies articulated in NPD's Emergency Responder Guidelines and the Homeland Security Guidelines for Prevention and Deterrence.
  4. Address the specific tasks and capabilities articulated in the Core Capabilities outlined in the National Preparedness Goal.
  5. Comport with applicable federal, state, and/or local certification, regulatory, and policy requirements deemed appropriate for this type and level of training.
  6. The funds are used to supplement, not supplant, existing funds that have been appropriated for the same purpose

By submitting this form, I certify, to the best of my knowledge, that this course meets the above guidelines. NTED will conduct periodic, randomized reviews of state, territory, and urban area training funded through NTED monies. These reviews may include requests for all course materials and/or physical observation in the funded training. If these reviews determine that courses are outside the scope of this guidance, grantees will be asked to repay grant funds expended in support of those efforts.
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