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Explain if Miscellaneous/Other is selected.

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19. Describe the problem to be mitigated:

20. Describe the scope of work:

21. Performance Period:
22. Duplicate Programs:

Is this activity eligible for funding from another federal program such as the NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Act, FEMA Public Assistance Program,
and the US Department of Agriculture/Department of the Interior Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2002?

If yes, identify the program and the Disaster Survey Report, Project Worksheet, or application number(s).

23. Activity Costs:
       Federal Requested Share:$
       Applicant Match:$
       Total Activity Cost:$
       Source of 25% non-federal match:

24. LHMP Approval Date:

25. Local Hazard Mitigation Plan:
Provide a narrative that identifies how the proposed project activity is in conformance with your FEMA-approved Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP). Any references to the LHMP must include the page number and/or section.

Electronic Notification of NOI Status, Workshops, and Application Updates
The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program will provide immediate notification of your NOI status following our review. Please provide us with the contact information for 1 of your staff.
(If the contact is the same as entered above, please reenter the information below. This person will receive information about workshops and updates regarding the application process.)

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